Following the social media reports that some properties of Saki west local government has been sold by the caretaker chairman of Saki west, Hon. Mudasiru Eruobodo which triggered and generated different reactions from all the indigents of the town.

The local government authority has cleared the air on the claim that nothing of such happened and he lacked the power to sell any government property rather than lease out any property.

This was established during a dialogue session for clarification on the issue that has been generating controversy in the town at local government secretariat which has different stakeholders of the town on attendance.

During the meeting some of the issue highlighted includes leasing of burnt Adabo Shopping complex, leasing out of dilapidated showroom of Moribund Garri processing company for construction of shop at local government area, Purported plan to lease out Kral motor park, and newly established Cashew estate and Oba Khalid Olabisi estate.

The Director of administration and general service of the council, Alh. Akindele Fatai posited that as a career officer, no one will ever do anything that is out of law and will never advise the chairman to implement policies that are against the laws of the land.

He stressed, that the steps being taken by this administration is known by the state government, he corroborated this by citing the invitation of the office of auditor general over the petition for selling of Garri processing company which investigation later revealed that it was an asset which brings nothing to state or local government purse and with the proper utilization of the place for shopping complex which will bring revenue to the council pocket, it later led to a commendation from the state government.

On his part, the Director of Estate, Alh. Rasak Abidiesin said he was the first point of contact when the issue of fire outbreak occurred at Adabo shopping complex in 2019, when the issue started they analyzed the situation and come up with option of renovating the place through government fund or public and private partnerships (PPP) due to scarcity of resources under the state and local government pocket which they settled for the later that led to public reaction.

Abidiesin said on report that local government was in charge of erection of new building at Sanngo market, it is purely untrue as the building is being carried out by market women who are using the portion of land for economic activities before without given any amount of money to the council.

He stressed that all the activities of the career officer and present executive members are being channeled for the progress of Saki west local government as the council is being running out of having a revenue generation mechanism and to avert future bankruptcy.

Also, the Director of finance and supply, Alh. Oladiti R.M corroborated the earlier speakers that the revenue generated from the leasing is being used to finance the newly developed estate for the local government which are Cashew estate and Oba Khalid Olabisi Estate respectively.

He continued that without sufficient revenue from the state, the council has to be running and the activities has to be financed from this revenue.

While commenting on the issues raised, the caretaker Chairman of Saki west, Hon. Mudasiru Eruobodo said he has never sell any landed property of the council and he will never do anything against the development of the town.

He stressed that all the property leased out by his administration was for the benefit of the entire populace because they are bringing nothing or less revenue to the coffer of the council and it is the duty of the local government administrator to look for a way to maximize the revenue generation of the council.

He furthered by denounced the reports that Adabo Shopping complex and Portion of land opposite of the local government was sold, he said those properties were leased out for the indigent of Saki to benefit from it and develop the town.

He reiterated that revenue generated from the leasing was used for acquisition of Cashew estate and Oba Khalid Estate from the state ministry of land and financing of culvert construction in the town and other services.

He urged the public to desist from consumption of untrue information from social media and confirm it from the right authority.

Rev. Okunlola from Chrisitian Association of Nigeria described the step taking by the chairman as progressive one and urged the chairman to always call the attention of stakeholders to any steps being taken.

A representative from Saki Parapo home branch Mr. Amsat commended the effort of the council for calling the dialogue meeting and implore the chairman to finance the Kolawole renovation and give it out instead of leading it out.

More so, the representative of Muslim Community, Sheik. Musa Agbarigidaoma advised the chairman to always consider the public opinion and interest before taking any step.

Mr. Asiyanbi from ITV news urged the youth to desist from social media mis-usage and misinformation for the progress of our society and urged the Chairman to be proactive.

A representative of Saki first, Adekunle Lawal positioned that new building at Sanngo market should be demolished , Kral market car park should be reversed and commend the chairman on Adabo Shopping complex decision.

While responding to issues raised the chairman stated that he never moved to leased out kral park that it is just a misinformation from mischievous people in the town who are benefiting from illegalities and harboring of criminals in the town.

He therefore promised to do the needful at the place and attend to all issues raised.

Stakeholders at the meeting are Saki Parapo, Saki First, Asabari Consultative forum, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Muslim Community, Traditional Worshiper representative, Media groups, security outfits and other concern groups.

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