Tope Alabi

Popular gospel artiste, Tope Alabi, who has been under fire after a video of her criticising Adeyinka Alaseyori’s song, Oniduro Mi, went viral, has apologised.

In a lengthy apology posted by a Facebook blog, Church Gist, the singer acknowledged her mistake, stating that she was sorry for externalising a personal message from the Holy Spirit to her in public.

Alabi noted that Alaseyori is her daughter in ministry.

She further explained that Alaseyori’s Pastor had asked her (Tope Alabi) to pray for her (Adeyinka Alaseyori), which she did wholeheartedly.

She said: “Let me acknowledge that my mistake was that I externalised a personal message in public and I am awfully sorry for doing that.

“Initially, I didn’t want to delve into the controversy over the gospel hit song, ‘Oniduro,’ because I have intervened behind the scenes in concert with other stakeholders in gospel music ministry.

“However, I discovered that online media would not allow the dust to settle calmly.

“I want to state that Tope Alabi, Adeyinka Adesioye, a.k.a Alaseyori, and Tolu Adelegan are all members of the same family of God and they belong to the same calling – singing ministry.

“Adeyinka is my daughter in ministry.

“Her Pastor asked me to pray for her because she took after me, which I did wholeheartedly.

“Envy who? Never! I love the girl so much.

“She can confirm to you, sir that we relate so well.

“God has given each of us the grace to go as far as His enablement could carry us.

“The atmosphere is wide enough for everyone to stretch her wings of gift without disturbing one another.

“…..I’m not a perfect person yet, I’m still a work in progress in the hands of God.

“I want people to see me as a mere mortal with my own weaknesses, human frailties and as a learner in the limitless knowledge of God.

“I am who I am today only by the mercy of God and the support of millions of gospel music lovers.

“I have no support base elsewhere outside the awesome Nigerians who feel uncomfortable with my statement.

“I see the depth of anger as the measure of their love, admiration and solid support for me and for all of us in the singing ministry.

“Let me acknowledge that my mistake was that I externalized a personal message in public; and I’m awfully sorry for doing that.

“What a creative people we are.

“Nigerians are awesome minds who will fashion out tension relieving stuff from every situation.

“I appreciate them all. The Bible says in Hebrew 12: 14 that we should pursue peace with everybody and holiness, those are the conditions for us to see God.

“This is the acceptable path for all of us to follow……”


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